10 Fabulous Baby Shower Gifts

Baby Shower Gifts

As a parent, you soon realise that you can never have too much baby ‘stuff’. Spare babygrows and dummies always come in handy and often save us in many crisis situations. If you have a baby shower coming up and want to make your gift truly stand out, our list of 10 unique and useful gifts should be all the inspiration you need.


  1. Moses Baskets


In a baby’s first few months, these luxury moses baskets provide a cosy and safe sleeping environment. They come with handles which make for maximum portability when moving around the house. Our line of luxury moses baskets are made with the highest level of care and attention, making for a gorgeous gift.


  1. Nursery Bedding


When adding the finishing touches to a baby’s nursery, the bedding can really make all the difference. Fluffy blankets, kitsch bedsheets and comfy cushions create the ideal environment for snoozing and nursing. Our diverse range of nursery bedding provides something for everyone, meaning you can choose the perfect gift.


  1. Baby Cribs

There’s nothing better than seeing your baby comfortable and snoozing peacefully (especially as a first-time parent!). Gifting parents with a stylish yet practical crib is thoughtful and also super handy! Piccoli & Co’s
baby cribs come in a range of adorable styles, allowing you to decide on an ideal piece to complete their set.


  1. Personalised Babygrows

Any parent will tell you how fast babygrows are used and grown out of! Although this is simply the reality of raising a child, they are still valuable items with a strong sentimental value.  We offer a 
monogramming service which allows you to create personalised babygrows, amongst other luxury items. Your gift will radiate love and put a smile on everyone’s face!


  1. Personalised Baby Comforter

Similar to our personalised babygrows, gifting parents with a luxury 
baby blanket is truly charming. Our blankets are soothing and sumptuously soft, acting as the perfect companion for a car seat or the crib. Who knows, perhaps your blanket will be the one they still cherish 18 years down the line!


  1. Changing Mat

Although sometimes messy and a little smelly, changing your baby is a prime opportunity for you to bond with your child. However, It is important that the baby is safe and comfortable, as we all know how they love to wriggle around! Our Tartine et chocolat
changing mat comes with a cover made of soft white towelling with a sweet, striped border and matching bows – so cute!


  1. Muslin Squares

If you’re already a parent, you will know that you can never have too many muslins! Used predominantly to save our clothes, it is always wise to have a few spare to hand. Our site offers a range of luxury
muslin squares for both baby boys and baby girls, they are highly absorbent to quickly soak up messes and spills, and available in a number of irresistible sets.


  1. Nursery Decor

A newborn baby may not fully appreciate the matching bedding and lampshade, but the parents certainly will! When shopping our luxury
nursery decor collections, it can be easy to get carried away! If you know the parent’s chosen nursery colours or theme, why not see if you can find one or two lovely items to put the icing on the cake!


  1. Baby Playmat

As they grow and develop, babies will need more and more space to wiggle around! Gifting parents with an adorable and extra comfy 
baby playmat means that their child can giggle, roll and rest in style and comfort.


  1. Teething Toys

When babies start to teeth they will want to get their hands – and teeth – on everything possible. At Piccoli we provide cute but safe 
teething toys that are flexible and soft, so babies can squeeze and chew safely. This toy is intended to soothe sore and teething gums, and will certainly be a gift put to good use!

If you would like to view more of our baby shower gifts you can shop our online collection, or alternatively, you can get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your specific needs and requirements.


24 January 2017