5 Amazing Storage Ideas for your Baby’s Nursery


Expecting a baby is one of the most precious and exciting adventures any mother or father-to-be will experience. From the moment you learn you’re pregnant, life has irrevocably changed, and you need to start preparing for the pitter-patter of tiny feet. Whether you’re in your second or third trimester, you’re probably thinking about how to decorate your baby’s nursery. From the colour scheme to the style, there’s so much to consider. At Piccoli, we love a shabby chic style nursery featuring pastel coloured walls, lined with pleasingly old furniture and slightly worn looking furnishings. These finer details will make your baby’s nursery feel homely, after all.


Babies require a lot of equipment – parents-to-be are often surprised at just how much a baby needs. From the essentials such as nappies, clothes, towels, washcloths, muslin cloths, baby changing mats and bedding to toys, books, dummies and mobiles, you’ll need a safe place to store it all.

Eliza Bookcase

Piccoli Eliza Bookcase

Every nursery needs a bookcase, and we’re in love with this beautiful Eliza Bookcase. Inspired by 18th Century France, this french style bookcase is the perfect solution for storing your baby’s precious first books and tales. Available in antique white and french grey, the subtle finish of this bookcase gives it that shabby chic aesthetic that fits perfectly into any style of nursery. The base draw is perfect for play mats, clothes and any other toys. What makes this handcrafted bookcase truly unique is that no two will be the same – the elegant hand carved detail and tapered legs are bespoke to each piece, making for the perfect family heirloom. Your son or daughter’s very first bookcase can be passed down to your grandchildren, carrying its family story through each generation.

Gustavian Dresser 

Piccoli Gustavian Dresser 

A dresser is a pivotal piece of furniture in any nursery or bedroom – its where you’ll store your baby’s clothes, nightwear and much more. This beautiful Gustavian Dresser boasts a simplistic design and refined architectural detail. Inspired by classic 18th century Swedish style, this handcrafted dresser goes with any French style nursery furniture. If you’re aiming for a shabby chic style nursery, the Gustavian dresser will fit right in. With three deep drawers that can hold baby toys, bedding and baby clothes, and a removable drawer hutch, you’ll have a dresser and changing top. This two-in-one dresser and changing table is perfect for parents with a smaller nursery, and those who do not have as much space as they’d like. Every single Gustavian Dresser is bespoke and hand painted, making for the perfect family heirloom that can be passed down to generations.


Cotton Storage Bins

Piccoli Cotton Storage Bins

Soft furnishings are a great way to make your baby’s nursery feel warmer and comfier. Not everything needs to be tucked away in drawers and wardrobe – for items you and your baby use everyday, such as toys and playmats, you can pop in a storage bin. What we love about these cotton storage bins is that they will hold their shape and add a splash of colour to any nursery. Available in midnight blue and cream, it’s sure to give your shabby chic nursery a more playful aesthetic!


Benjamin Chest of Drawers

Piccoli Benjamin Chest of Drawers

One of our favourite pieces of nursery furniture is this Benjamin Chest of Drawers. With three deep chest of drawers and a flat surface doubling up as a changing table, it offers huge amounts of storage. Handcrafted from hardwood and hand painted, every individual dresser is one of a kind. Inspired by 18th century french style furniture, the hand carved architectural design is truly breathtaking. Whether you want antique white or french grey, this french style chest of drawer will fit effortlessly into to your baby’s nursery, and withstand the test of time.


Eliza Wardrobe

Piccoli Eliza Wardrobe

If you’re looking at getting the Eliza Bookcase for your baby’s nursery, then why not make the perfect pair and get the Eliza wardrobe alongside it? Based on charming 18th century style French furniture, this wardrobe combines practicality and beauty, creating a one of a kind storage solution. This hand-crafted shabby-chic nursery wardrobe boasts six spacious sections inside, and two deep base drawers, making it easier than ever before to keep your little one’s clothes organised! The base drawer doesn’t just have to be just for clothes – you can keep playmats, toys and so much more in there. Available in both antique white and french grey, this french style nursery wardrobe will fit perfectly into a boy or girls nursery.

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15 December 2017