Why You Should Choose A Moses Basket For Your Baby


Moses baskets are the ultimate newborn bed. They’re a comfy and cosy sleeping option that provide a secure sleeping environment for newborn babies, and are an easy, lightweight choice to move from room to room. Many parents choose to keep their newborn in their bedroom so that they can be close to them, and this is recommended for the first six months as it’s comforting for your baby and allows you to respond to their needs right away!

It is common knowledge that your baby will sleep for many hours throughout the day, so choosing the perfect resting space is essential for you and your little one to be comfortable and content. If you’re looking for a portable and safe sleeping solution, the moses basket is an ideal choice. We take a look at the reasons why the moses basket can be a great option for your baby.


Easy Transition

Moses baskets make it easier for your baby to adjust from pregnancy and to transitioning to sleeping in a cot in the future. Your baby will be able to lay out flat and stretch to the perfect position instead of staying upright for long periods of time whilst napping in a car seat, or on your lap. The flexibility that a moses basket offers will help to develop their spine so they are able to stretch out straight without a problem.

You can also easily place the basket in a cot each night when they are starting to outgrow their basket. This will allow for your little one to get used to the new surroundings from the comfort of their basket. When the time comes to transition, your child will adjust much more quickly.


Transport with Ease

Moses baskets are especially designed to ensure the perfect sleeping environment for your baby and have carrying handles so that you can easily move them from one room to another. It is advised that you should only ever move the basket when your baby is not resting inside.

You also have the flexibility to rest the basket on the floor, or alternatively you can buy a separate stand so that it can be placed at a more convenient height next to your bed, making it easier to keep an eye on your little one!


Luxury Comfort

Many baskets on the market are fully padded and specially designed to ensure full satisfaction for your baby, giving them the best start in life.

Our luxury moses baskets feature a super-soft mattress and lining in a stunning 100% cotton fabric, keeping your baby comfortable and safe at all times. They are made from palm leaves and are available in a variety of stylish prints and colour combinations such as blue stripes for a bouncing boy or pink stripes for a gorgeous girl. You also have the option to add a touch of style and comfort with our hoods that are available to order separately.


Save space!

Cot beds and cribs take up a considerable amount of space in any room, which isn’t always convenient when you’re trying to nurture your newborn. That is why the traditional moses basket can be the perfect option for new parents. The basket can be placed onto a stand during the night, which can be folded away and even taken downstairs in the day, leaving much more valuable space in your bedroom.


Take a look at our full range of luxury moses baskets here to find the perfect one for you and your baby!

08 June 2017