Guest Blogger, Sandra Pearce, On The Benefits Of Baby Massage

We are delighted to have Sandra Pearce, founder of Northcote Baby as our guest blogger for the next three weeks!

We hope you enjoy Sandra’s valuable tips for helping you adjust to life as a new mum! With tips on everything from sleep training to weaning. I  did a baby massage class with Sandra after the birth of my little girl, I found Sandra a wonderful teacher, who is very approachable, warm and not at all judgmental! She is a wealth of advice and useful tips for all new mums. Below Sandra introduces herself and her baby massage course and its benefits.

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‘So you have had a new baby….. Life has changed in a way you could never imagine…. Suddenly you are a parent and your whole outlook on life takes on a whole new meaning…..You may need to ‘find your feet’ again and perhaps create a new network of friends who can provide that invaluable ‘lifeline’ of support to you especially if you are living far away from family.

Let me introduce myself! My name is Sandra Pearce and I am the founder of Northcote Baby. I am also a mother to two beautiful boys aged 3 and 1 respectively.  I founded my little business with the sole aim of helping mums and dads to create new networks of friends while enjoying the baby friendly courses and workshops that we have to offer. ‘Baby Friendly’ being of the upmost importance here.  Alongside two other teachers, Jocelyn Hogan and Siobhan Power we offer courses in ‘Baby Massage’, ‘Baby Yoga’ and also run two really great workshops our ‘Sleep Workshop’ and our ‘Weaning Workshop’.

Let me tell you a little bit more about our courses and workshops.  The Baby Massage course is a beautiful introduction to what we offer you.  You will learn some extremely beneficial massage strokes for your baby. The massage helps to soothe a colicky baby or a baby suffering from reflux.  You will learn also how to ‘wind’ your baby using some different techniques to shift that real ‘stubborn’ wind, the one that normally comes back to haunt you around 3am keeping you and baby up for an hour or more!  You will learn how to recognise different symptoms of colic and or reflux that your baby may present, or if the evening ‘meltdowns’ are  just trapped painful wind or sheer overtiredness!.  The course lasts for four weeks each class lasting up to an hour. I have massaged both of my children from birth and am very passionate about the benefits it can bring. The many babies who have passed through my courses are also a testament to how powerful a technique this can be for both parent and baby!

23 June 2016