Guest Blogger, Sandra Pearce, talks to us about her Baby Yoga and Sleeping Training classes!

Sandra’s talks to us about her Baby Yoga classes and how it is a fantastic way to bond with your baby in a fun and dynamic way! She also tells us a little about her sleep training course and its benefits!

The yoga is purely for the baby along with some yoga based postures for the parent.  We have had some dads join in with this course too and it is great fun for everyone. From learning the ‘Indian bouncing techniques for wind’ or the ‘Sausage Roll’ to encourage baby to get moving and rolling to just lovely ‘dips and lunges’ not forgetting the great ‘warrior’ pose! All of these postures include your baby too and the giggling and cooing you hear in these sessions from the babies (and parents too!!!) are more than enough to tell us they are having so much fun!!!  Also the 80’s soundtrack for some of the moves just adds a whole new fun dimension to the class!

Tummy massage Shot (1)

So what if your baby is not sleeping? There is only so many cups of coffee a day you can drink? Right?  Look no further than Northcote Baby for help with that too.  Our fantastic little sleep workshop has helped many parents to help ‘Nip’ those issues in the bud! You will learn some great techniques for settling your baby and helping them to enjoy a good deep refreshing sleep for naps and night-time!  All for a fraction of the cost you would pay to a sleep consultant to come to your home and do it for you. This workshop empowers you and gives you the confidence to pick and choose what you want to do at home and supports you through that process.

Next week Sandra will tells us a little about her weaning course.



16 August 2016