Co Founder of Bumps & Burpees, Charlie Launder, gives us her top tips for staying fit when pregnant!

Bumps & Burpees, is the go-to place in London for pre and post natal fitness, nutrition, wellbeing and a bit of friendly advice. It is a dedicated pre and post natal space housed within Lomax in Chelsea. Charlie and her team are experienced and passionate about helping clients with all aspects of their pregnancy and being a new mum, you can train in your own private space with everything you need to hand.

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Below are Charlies top tips for exercising when expecting.

When you first find out you’re pregnant, there is so much to think about that it can become quite a daunting prospect. At the forefront of your mind will be your body and all the changes that are coming over the next nine months. Yes you’re going to gain weight and yes your body shape will change but this does not mean you will have no control over it.

Rather than worrying about all the things you are not supposed to do, lets focus a little bit on the things you can do…

You can exercise and actually you should make it a priority. Whilst your bump is growing, the rest of you doesn’t need to. Exercises like squats, lunges and press ups are all encouraged to keep you strong and toned through your pregnancy. Whilst there are adjustments you can make towards the end, they are still very much ok to do though your pregnancy.
You can lift weights. Women are often worried about lifting weights and doing damage to the baby, but as long as you pick a weight appropriate for you, then there is no reason why you can’t use them to build your strength while you’re pregnant. Your baby is very safe in there, so don’t worry about hurting the baby you must just focus on keeping a good posture and using the correct form so as not to injure yourself. Your joints will become softer due to an increase in the a hormone called relaxin so watching posture is vital for avoiding injury. Lifting weights not only helps to improve your strength, it keep your metabolism fired up and most importantly helps your body re-turn to glory after pregnancy.
You can work your core and you should. Keeping a strong core is not only important for helping you get back into your jeans after the little one arrives, but it will help support your body through it’s many changes during pregnancy. Yes traditional crunches go out the window as the bump grows, but there are plenty of other ways to build a strong core during pregnancy. Twisting exercises such as Russian twists with the cable or a medicine ball are very effective for engaging the obliques, helping to keep your bump neat and tidy. It is all about learning to engage the core in order to maintain stability in all the exercises you do, so again focus on perfect posture and technique is essential.
You can rest. As much as you might want to carry on going about your everyday life as you are used to, you must remember that your body is undergoing huge changes and yes you are encouraged to stay active and exercise, but it is also very important to allow yourself enough time to rest. You will find that you become tired more easily, especially in the first trimester so listen to your body. Don’t try to cram too much into your day, take naps and enjoy the peace and quiet while you can!!

Join us this Thursday 21st April at our Fashion Evening, 4pm-8pm , Charlie has kindly donated a personal training session with her for our charity prize raffle! 


16 April 2016