Lets Meet Nadya Abela

Stunning Nadya Abela is a mother of two boys, model, founder of Roly Pony  childrenwear and Chairty fundraiser. Nadya has launched Nadezda, her own charity helping disadvantaged children in her homeland Russia.  Nadya was raised in Russia 120516_Nadya_Abela_Fordbefore moving to London where she stared her modelling career and meeting her husband Marlon, a world renowned restaurateur .  We are going to find out  Nadya’s  secrets to finding the balance between her passions and motherhood. Lets Meet her!

How do you juggle kids and your busy career?

Like for any mother living in a busy city like London(or any other) i try to plan my day by hour, when I take my eldest one to nursery, when I have one on one time with my little one, when I schedule my meetings and family business . I am lucky tohave some help at home. Being a mother of two taught me how to be super organised!

How are you sharing your passion for giving to charity to your children?

My boys are still little to understand concept of charity fully, saying that my 4 year old and I always have conversations how important it is to share things, to appreciate food we have, as some children do not have same opportunity as we do.

What is your favorite thing to do with your family? 

Must be travelling and exploring new places, although sometimes tiring for parents, always super exciting for kids

How do you relax when you have some free time?

Those rare moments… i guess like everyone else, good dinner with friends and a glass of wine. If I am alone-good book

What is your favorite family holiday destination?

Last year we went to Sicily -it was magical

What is the most difficult situation facing kids in Russia at the moment?

I would say two factors in terms of health:

Early diagnostics for children and spotting health issues

Not enough medical/rehabilitation institutions . Also, unfortunately most of the time parents can not afford expensive medicine for their children, so their children health does not improve….

Tell us a little about your charity and your hopes for its future?

Our charity operates in two fields: health and education for children.We really hope that through our fundraising  programs, working directly with hospitals and families of children in need -we will improve their health, lives and hopes for brighter future.

What was your inspiration to start Roly Pony?

My business partner Aytan and I (both mothers) one day at playground discussed, how current market lacks practical, fashionable yet affordable clothes for little one and decided to start our own brand. That is how Roly Pony was born!

Can you give us your top pick outfit for toddler girl and toddler boy for this summer?

I absolutely love the “Elizabeth” skirt from our collection ,with stunning floral print designed by Aytan-every girl will look super cute and can combine with any top or jumper.

For boys I love strong colours -purple, green, red. We have a long sleeve shirt in purple this season and both of my boys, every time I put it on-look cool, yet elegant.

Join Nadya at our Fashion Event on 21st April. The evenings aim is to raise money for her amazing charity, we will be donating 10% of sales that evening directly to Nadezda, along with money raised from our prize raffle.

12 April 2016