Luxury Nursery Furniture

Piccoli & Co are your premier source for luxury baby and children’s furniture in the UK. Located on Abbeville Road in London, we offer the finest in boutique furniture, premium bedding, soothing lighting, and so much more. From cot beds, conversion kits, dressers, wardrobes, and other luxury nursery mainstays to child beds, dressers, chairs, and more, our selection of top-class children’s’ furniture is second to none.

We are pleased to offer the following luxury nursery furniture styles in our London showroom and online:

Benjamin: This classic collection features handcrafted hardwood furniture with carved accents and comes in two colours: Antique White or French Grey. Each sturdy and elegant cot bed, toddler bed conversion kit, and chest of drawers is hand painted for an extra touch of care and class.

 Paris: This collection includes our most luxurious cot bed, which was inspired by a Louis XV Paris corbeille bed. Upholstered in natural linen, hand painted for a sleek but subtle finish and available in Antique White or Paris Grey, French beds add a touch of elegance and class to any nursery or young child’s bedroom.

Eliza: This classic collection includes everything you need to furnish a baby nursery. From a sleigh cot bed with an upscale vintage feel to a comfortable change table with classic lines and carved details, Eliza luxury nursery furniture will keep your baby in pampered settings well into his or her early childhood.

At Piccoli & Co, we are dedicated to providing babies and children with specially curated designer furniture that is elegant, durable, and safe. Our luxury baby furniture is a mainstay in households all over the world, as we have an international reputation for safety and style.