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Babywise Coconut Fibre Mattress_A_SS-2
Babywise Coconut Fibre Mattress_A_SS-1made-in-england

Deluxe Coconut Fibre Baby Mattress


Product Description

If you’re looking for a mattress that’s comfy, natural and safe, the Coconut Fibre Mattress is for you.

It’s filled with coconut husk fibres which are bound together with natural latex. The fibre pad is layered between soft CMHR28 foam and polyester wadding that will provide a soft surface for your baby.

The mattress is fully breathe-through from top to bottom, making it suitable for newborns and toddlers alike. The cover is made from water-resistant, quilted polyester, and thanks to the side zip it’s easily removed for machine washing.

Made in our special size 73 x 144 cm, it fits our cot beds perfectly!

Complies with BS1877 and BS EN 7177 EU regulations

Made in UK



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