Top Tips For Travelling with Little Ones

Having just come back from an amazing holiday at Sani Beach Club in Greece (which I would recommend for any families with toddler age children) I thought I would share some of my tips for flying with 2 young children…Some ways to distract from the confined space, turbulence, delays, along with cry’s of: ‘Mum, my ears hurt’, let alone worrying about your children disturbing the other passengers.

Aoife Airplane


Make sure to check in before you arrive at the airport, one less thing to think about the morning of your flight!  For our early morning flight we found the night time bag drop gave us a little more time to get ourselves together in the morning!

2.Carry On Bag

If you’re travelling with a baby on board, then their changing bag will probably be your hand luggage, too! Pack well and you’ll thank me for it; plenty of nappies, wipes, a change of clothes for them, a change of clothes for you, extra milk, you get the idea…

And pack layers for the flight too. You may be off to sunnier weather, but for some reason plane cabins are usually kept at the same temperature as your freezer! So move away from the flip flops and layer up, making sure the kids have something to snuggle up with also, a favorite blanket worked for us!

3.Mini Holiday Bag

We surprised Aoife at the airport with a “Frozen”theme back- pack filled with goodies! It went down a treat! It had games, books, toys, her favorite teddy and snacks! It will keep little ones entertained and excited about its contents! Don’t forget to leave room for treasures you pick up along the way!

4.Snack Time

Don’t rely on airline food to keep everyone happy. Snacks, snacks and more snacks are a must. We found a bag of Haribo worked a treat to pass some time!!

Don’t forget to have some lollipops in your bag for toddlers; it will help relieve the pressure building up in little ears. Remember to leave a few for the return journey!!

5.Teething Baby

When it comes to your smallest, pack a couple of teething rings to soothe them and give them lots of cuddles while they get used to the sensation of flying. And don’t forget to have your babies milk bottle ready for take-off and landing, will help to sooth tiny ears and hopefully help them to nod off!

Try to sit back, relax and let your holiday begin. You’ll still have to wait at Arrivals for your baggage (which always seems to be the last to come off the plane), but that’s another story…

Happy holidays!


02 June 2016