Welcome to our first blog!


Getting to know us, we thought this would be the best way to start!

Piccoli & Co which was founded by Leopoldina Haynes & Aine D’Souza in September 2013. The aim was to bring a fresh and sophisticated approach to your children’s nursery’s with upscale bedding, furniture and accessories;

“Piccoli & Co will creates pieces that are generational and become family heirlooms handed down through the generations, giving each family the tools to make timeless and comfortable nurseries through sophistication and simplicity,” says Aine.

“Monogramming is a key part of our business, where we went back to my Italian heritage,” explains Leo. “In Italy every family has a set of monogrammed linen in their home. Our vision is bringing and mixing this tradition with a fresh approach and offering this service in welcoming new additions to families.”

The impending arrival of Aine’s first daughter, Aoife, whom Leo is godmother to is behind the inspiration for this new business.
It was during discussions over this time we felt the children’s market was missing high quality nursery furniture and bedding and so the journey began.

We hope you love what we are doing, we have lots of exciting new launches coming in 2016. We look forward to sharing this with you in our blog!

Please drop by our store on Abbeville Road and say hi!

Lots of Love

Aine & Leo

18 February 2016